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    online shopping tips

    online shopping tips

    Buying online is becoming more common. it could be said that many of the elements that functioned as a barrier to access to commerce have already been broken.

    when you consider to buy something online here some few tips to take into considerations before submitting your order to avoid misunderstanding 

    • most  often the images shows the product bigger , so always check product size and dimensions .
    • for wearable items, always take your measurements, and compare them with the sizing chart, since all measurement are taken by hand, always will be a discrepancy of about 1-3 cm 
    • it is highly recommended to check customers reviews if available, also if there is no it does not mean that the item is crap it might be a new listing .
    • always check that the web site is secured if you can notice the word "https://"  in the website URL field thats mean the website is secured 
    • and last always check if the store has a refund&return policy 
    those are the essential tips to make the right purchase without facing any issues when receiving your order .